Our Vision ...

Elite Robotics specialises in the lean development of Autonomous Vehicle Technology for use in agribots and mobile service robots.

We understand the growing concern of our customers to meet stricter budget demands due to escalating maintenance expenditure. We are providing our customers with a solution that reduces this burden significantly by partnering up with innovative leaders to manufacture and distribute products equipped with our Autonomous Vehicle Technology Platform. Elite Robotics believes that the widespread adoption of autonomous mobile service robots is inevitable. That is why our team has invested our savings and a significant amount of our time in developing this technology.

As the world becomes more complex, we need solutions that will save us time, money and allow us to focus on what’s important.

The Elite Robotics Team


Sahil Harriram

CEO | Lead Embedded Engineer

Jake Herington

Communications Manager & Software Developer

Nathan Bartlett

CTO | Lead Systems Engineer

Jenny Hanson

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Luke De Bono

CDO | Industrial Designer

Doug Byrnes

Mechatronics Engineer