Greetings from the Elite Robotics Team! February was another busy month for us: Sahil pitched in another competition and was featured in a new regional startup podcast. We’ve also got some exciting things to come next month with two speaking engagements as well as the Smart Cities Expo in Sydney in April. We have more news we can’t wait to share with you so be sure to check out our socials for updates!

Company News

Earlier this week CEO Sahil was featured on the regional startup podcast Welcome to Day One. The 20 minute episode takes listeners through the Elite Robotics story: from small hobby project to full blown startup with all of the ups and downs along the way.
Click here to give it a listen or download the episode via Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

SingularityU Global Impact Challenge

On February 13th Sahil pitched at the Impact 1B competition at the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship. The judging panel selected him and two others to move on to the final round on March 6th in Melbourne! The winner receives a scholarship to SingulartiyU Global Startup Program worth $75K. Look for an update on the results on our social media next week.

Engineering Update: Shown here is a visualisation of how our multi-target tracking algorithm. The unique algorithm collects data about the object (black dots) and uses it to estimate the position, orientation and size of the object. This simulation shows its ability to track both moving and static objects which is denoted by the orange ovals.

Events on the Radar

Smart City Expo

CEO Sahil will be speaking at this year’s Smart City Expo in Sydney on April 3rd. He will be discussing “Applications for Autonomous Vehicle Technology beyond human transportation”. For more information click here.

Sahil has a few talks in the pipeline so stay tuned on our social media platforms for more specific updates as we confirm the details. For now we can let you know that he will be speaking at an event for the Futurists Meetup about the Future of Autonomous Transport/Vehicles (more details to follow). He is also going to pitch at a Regional pitch night in Sydney on the 22nd March.

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