Greetings from the Elite Robotics Team! After the holidays we’ve jumped right back in to the swing of things. We’ve got some exciting new projects and pitching opportunities in the pipeline for the coming year and we look forward to sharing those with you in the coming months!

Company News

CDO Luke has created some new renders of our robots. Here is a sneak peak of an autonomous package delivery vehicle.

“We’ve made significant progress on our vehicle navigation system: this video shows Luke pulling the sensor system through a completely new environment. Our algorithm is now able to separate the terrain from the obstacles and then create clusters where it believes the obstacles are. It’s also keeping track of the trajectory of the vehicle over time.” -Sahil, CEO

Just in case you missed it…

Recently Luke and Sahil were accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Program Toronto. During the program they had the opportunity to demo our technology at the Machine Intelligence conference held at the Rotman School of Management. Here they were able to connect with large corporates looking to integrate autonomous technology into their existing products and services. It was an eye opening experience that provided us with some key insights as to where the AV industry is heading and how we are going to be a part of it.

Elite Robotics was featured in the last month’s issue of the Hunter Business Review. The write up highlighted the importance of the I2N Hub for the local community. Without the I2N Hub and the valuable resources it provides, Elite Robotics may never have reached it’s full potential. To read the full article on page 16 .

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