When thinking about autonomous vehicle technology (AVT), the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is the driverless vehicle. Self-driving cars have been in development for several years, with Google and Uber at the forefront. These tech giants have poured billions of dollars into their driverless vehicle projects, and we can expect to see them on our roads in just a few short years.

However, did you know that AVT is also being used in areas other than transportation? Businesses across a variety of industries are discovering how the same technology that powers driverless cars can increase efficiency, profitability, workplace safety as well as employee and customer satisfaction. Here’s a list of 5 awesome AVT applications that are changing the way we do things.

1: Food Delivery

(Source: Domino’s Pizza)

Having food delivered to your door is a great option when you’re too lazy to cook dinner. But soon you might find it won’t be a delivery driver knocking on your door, it could be a robot. Workers in Silicon Valley have been getting their lunch delivered by self-driving robots, allowing them to spend more time focusing on work or taking the time to enjoy their meal. Tech-savvy pizza companies have also begun to deliver pizza using autonomous cars. How convenient!

2: Robotic Pit Crews

(Source: DHL)

Racing pit crews are required to be lightning fast and extremely precise to make sure vehicles are performing optimally. One second can be the difference between winning and losing. Pit crews are now relying on autonomous trolleys to move parts through chaotic pit lanes, ensuring pit stops are completed even faster, and without a hitch.

3: Lawn Maintenance

Organisations such as golf clubs and local councils spend huge portions of their budget on lawn maintenance every year. Often strapped for cash, these organisations are finding that expenditure in this area is increasing. Using AVT to automate tasks such as lawn mowing can reduce this burden significantly, and free up resources to perform much more important tasks.

4: Cobots (collaborative robots)

(Source: Kaku Robotics)

Cobots are used in production and distribution environments to perform repetitive and low-skilled tasks such as picking and storing. They work together with humans to greatly increase output, while also increasing worker satisfaction by removing dull components of people’s jobs. As autonomous solutions become more and more affordable, you might be working with your own robotic sidekick sooner than you think!

5: Waste Management

Garbage collection and waste management is vital for maintaining a clean and safe environment in cities and wilderness areas. Unfortunately, more waste is ending up in oceans and waterways than ever before. AVT applications such as autonomous garbage trucks can help reduce the impact of pollution significantly by collecting trash before it reaches vulnerable areas in the environment, reducing our environmental footprint, while also helping reduce the spread of disease.

Autonomous vehicle technology is being used for more than just transport. What do you think about the use of AVT in our lives? Can you think of other good applications for this technology?

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