We build autonomous vehicle platforms for robots that will serve the cities of tomorrow.

Elite Technology Platform

Our technology enables vehicles to see and react to the world in a completely new way. The platform does not require any training data making it perfect for unknown environments, furthermore it’s capable of tracking multiple dynamic objects and performing real time path planning.

Our technology informs the vehicle of where it is, what's around it and what to do.

The Elite Technology Platform is purpose built for agribots and mobile service robots.

At Elite Robotics, we see a broader application of the technology behind driverless vehicles. Current Technology used in self-driving cars heavily relies on machine vision and deep learning artificial intelligence. The hardware and training data required to implement this technology is prohibitively expensive, this makes it near impossible to use this technology in niche applications in a commercially viable way.

Our unique robotics technology does not rely on expensive hardware to safely and reliably navigate unknown environments. This allows us to enter markets not suitable for traditional driver-less vehicle technology.

What’s New at Elite Robotics